zondag 7 oktober 2007

Back from vacation, back to writing

I'm now a couple of days back from my much needed holiday to Gran Canaria (+30 degrees celsius, finally some sunshing), and today started doing some cleanup work on the second chapter. I must say that it was very hard to get started again, but since I also have to start work again tomorrow it's an easy way to slide into thinking about software again, instead of deciding where to go out for lunch.

In the second chapter we mainly look at the architecture of Mule and ServiceMix (and thus also JBI). I've especially been working on the JBI part. Although I like it as a specification, it isn't the easiest one to understand.

I'm giving a presentation on using JBI this week at the NL-Jug J-Fall conference. So we'll see then whether I can get people to understand JBI better. Tijs wil also be presenting at the same conference, his session deals with SCA and Tuscany.

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Bruce Snyder zei

Overall, JBI is actually not that complex. Please let me know if you have any questions about it as I'd be happy to help answer them.